Andover Strut Library

The main objective of our Strut library is to give members the opportunity to read widely and to take an aviation-based book on a monthly loan.  Over the last few years Strut members have been incredibly generous with their donations to the Strut library, not just books but also DVDs.

In fact, there have been so many books donated that they have been assembled into a series of themes. Such as 


· Early aviation

· WW1

· Between the wars

· WW2 (by far the biggest selection)

· Post WW2

· Light Aviation

· Famous aviators

· Training Manuals

· Test pilots


The last selection will be the focus for the February Strut meeting as it includes a biography on Samuel Kinkead, who tragically was killed testing the Supermarine S5 N221 in 1928, as well as books on Eric “Winkle” Brown, Jon Derry, Alex Henshaw, Jeffrey Quill, William Waterton and others. There will also be a small selection of DVDs.


The 5th March 2024 sees the 88th anniversary of the first flight of the  prototype Supermarine Spitfire. It seems appropriate to dedicate the March Strut Library to the Spitfire. There are several recent additions to the stock of strut books including..... 


· Spitfire Women of WW2

· The Spitfire Kids

· Spitfire by John Nichol

· The Spitfire Story

· There are also the old favourites including the book by Gordon Mitchell about his father.


The library is in the process of adding a large number of recent donated books, so look out for these additions!