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Friends of

Hockley Viaduct

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Concrete Planet  by Robert Courland


An American book, published last year, writes about the Hockley Viaduct in very complimentary terms. It describes the viaduct as "a remarkable structure, the

importance of which has not been widely recognized".   It gives a long

paragraph about the history and subsequent demise of the viaduct with 2 photos, and offers the opinion that Hockley Viaduct could "if given minimum protection and maintenance" last  thousands of years.


Julia worked with the author, Robert Courland, over several weeks and in his acknowledgements he says " I would also like to thank Julia Sandison for the images of the Hockley Viaduct. Her small volunteer group, the Friends of Hockley Viaduct, is fighting hard to save the viaduct - perhaps the most beautiful and architecturally significant surviving concrete structure of the nineteenth century - from vandals and neglect."


I think it's rather wonderful that our viaduct is known about in countries other than our own and by such erudite experts as Robert who has written articles about the differences of reinforced and unreinforced concrete in high-risk earthquake areas.