Hampshire Archaeological Dowsers

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Our Objective


To encourage the study and advancement of the knowledge and scientific principles of dowsing in all forms and applications, but particularly for archaeology


This includes

 locating and surveying sites of known or potential archaeological interest

 searching for subterranean watercourses, cavities and tunnels

 the study of Earth Energies in sacred and secular space

 study of telluric and other subtle energies


The group runs or arranges training; undertakes survey work; works closely with other dowsing or archaeological groups and societies


Click on Events for our latest planned activities, including our Evening Talks (held in the Hundred Menís Hall, St. Cross Hospital), or look at our brochure for all the evening meetings and much more.



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Mid-Summer 2021 Newsletter


Membership is open to anyone who wishes to support our objectives, and costs £12 per year, and usually £2 for any dowsing session or site visit attended to help pay for equipment


A membership form can be found HERE


For further information, please email the groupís Archaeological Director Don Bryan

or by post at


†††††††††††† Don Bryan

†††††††††††† 59, Viking Way

†††††††††††† Horndean

†††††††††††† Hants

†††††††††††† PO8 0HT ††††††††††


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