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Study Days


The society runs a series of Study Days for members and the public to enjoy. Links to information about past and forthcoming events is provided here.


8th June 2019† -† Annual Study Day on Medieval Southampton:

Norman Southampton developed on the site of the Late Saxon settlement. It was defended by ramparts and ditches and a castle, with five parish churches, the Friary and Godís House Hospital. Ships with goods such as wine arrived from across the Channel and the Mediterranean. The main exports were wool and woollen cloth.


The port was later defended by the Town Wall with eight gates and 29 towers, many of which survive. Evidence from archaeological excavation and surviving documents and buildings give a vivid picture of the lives, occupations and health of the people of medieval Southampton.


Study Day Timetable;† Speakers included Duncan Brown; Ian Friel; Phoebe Merrick; Andy Russel and Mary South, and those talks are written up here.


8th November 2018


Workshop on Medieval Pottery at Southampton Archaeological


2018 Study Day


Middle-Saxon settlement of Hamwic