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For Winchester Archaeology and Local History


A True Victorian Company - The story of Joseph Bull and Sons, Builders


The story of the founder and family behind one of Victorian Britain's foremost builders, based in Southampton, but building all of the country and abroad.


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The Archaeology of Communications - A Brief Introduction


Communication often leaves no lasting imprint on the environment, however, with the growth of technology, this has changed, this is a brief introduction to the subject.


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Admiral, Diplomat, Scapegoat - The Life Story of Rear Admiral Sir William Whetstone Kt


The life story of one of Queen Anne's favourite Admirals, his rapid rise through the ranks and his almost as rapid fall from grace.


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Hampshire and The Telephone - A Brief History


A look at how Hampshire has played a key role in the development of the Telephone and associated network technology from the very early days.


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The Railway Buildings of Joseph Bull and Sons, Builders of Southampton


A more targeted book looking at this companies influence on building the railway infrastructure across the south and west of England.


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Wearing the Blue-Grey and Khaki


The story of a 16 year old boy, son of a grocer, at the outbreak of World War Two, his journey into manhood and across Europe with the RAF Airfield Construction Unit, the effect of the things he experienced which included Bergen Belsen and exploding cows. The High points and the many low points and the friendships made.


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The Barton Stacey History Group produces a number of booklets based on their successful talks series. Website: www.bartonstaceyhistory.co.uk/.


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