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Spring 2021 Newsletter


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September 2020† -† Compton


August 2020† -† Twyford


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Trip to South Wales May 2019


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Tour of Northumbria 2018


A Look Back over Summer 2017


Out and About 2016


Spring 2015 Newsletter


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Edís talk on Easter Island


History of Hursley


Donís Autumn 2013 Newsletter


Pompeii and Herculaneum


Herefordshire July 2013


Littlecote visit†††† Littlecote Fact Sheet


Report on Jim Learyís Talk† -† Marden Henge


Donís Spring 2013 Newsletter


Dowsing the Arthurian Legend


Dowsing at Havant January 2013 - Report


Full Report on Bishopís Sutton


Full Report on IBM Hursley


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Donís Late Summer 2012 Newsletter


Donís Summer 2012 Newsletter


Wickham 28th June report


Wickham 21st June report


Donís Spring 2012 Newsletter


Cumbria 2012 report


Copythorne - January 2012


Dibden† -† Janauary 2012


Stoneham - December 2011


Eling and Totton - November 2011


St. Denys and Bitterne - November 2011


Nursling Dig - September 2011


Donís Dowsing Digest ó September 2011


Isle of Wight Trip Report


Visit to The Trundle and Bignor


Donís Dowsing Digest ó May 2011


Donís Dowsing Digest ó March 2011


Donís Dowsing Digest ó February 2011


Report of HADS 2010 projects